IMG_0061Hi, I’m Maggie. I’m so glad you’re here! This blog is where I go to write. I’ll post some fiction and some memoir, and sometimes it will be hard to tell the difference. Personally, I don’t have a problem with that, but some people might and that makes my fingers sweat. (FYI, sweaty finger can still type.) I’d also like to post essays, full of hilarious insights and useful tips on topics like frugal living and kick-ass child rearing, but don’t hold your breath on that, since (spoiler alert!)  I have lived almost half a century and am an expert on absolutely nothing, especially those two things.

I am a wife of one, mother of two and fully immersed in a spectacular midlife crisis.

Ok, not exactly.

My midlife crisis, while spectacular to me, might strike others as tame, almost imperceptible  to the naked eye. A spectacular midlife crisis would make for an awesome blog. There would be affairs and divorces and liquid diets—- Botox and credit card fraud and porn! (If anyone knows of a blog with this stuff, please tell me because I’d be all over it). But I’m married to a good man and I have two kids who still need me to drive them places so, for the next eight and a half years, I have to keep a lid on the real-life drama.

Until then, gentle reader, this blog is my little red sports car.

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  1. I am so proud of you. You really have no idea how much. And. I love your writng so much….I can hear your voice, see the scenery, and experience the emotion…….
    Thank you Maggie.

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