I have no idea where to even start this week.

I mean, seriously, right???

Like many of you, I have my own story of being groped by an asshole. I might write about it, I might not. There a lot of good writers and bloggers out there doing that, so…

And then there’s the feast of human suffering, always, always. No shortage of material in that department.

And we are all, in this country, getting a bit edgy about November 8th.

We’re pretty sure we know what will happen, but we’ve seen some crazy-ass goin’s on in the last several months, so we can’t exhale quite yet.

Maybe some of us who haven’t prayed much in a while are praying real hard right now.img_0996_lhasa_barkhor

Maybe some of us are gorging ourselves on self-righteous Facebook rants that taste great going down, but now we’re not feeling so hot.

It’s for these reasons, and the fact that I’m deeply grateful that you are here, that I’m using the blogger’s equivalent of “Phone a Friend” and posting something I read that made me




The blog is one I don’t know, probably because it is a Christian blog and I don’t usually read Christian blogs. Maybe now I will. In any case, quite a while back she had the good taste and wisdom to post this, from writer Mary Gordon, so I think she’s good people.

Some prayers, for a Tuesday. Don’t be scared, these are good ones 🙂

Peace, you guys.






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